Welcome to Data 4U,

the Institute for Market and Opinion Research in ethnic target groups in Germany and Europe!

Data4u-ChartsYou are interested in ethnic marketing, you are marketing manager, product manager, creative marketer or media planner and you have entrusted the future of the mark to your care? – Then you are right here! – Read on and learn more about a rapidly growing part of your current and future customers.
We give you a little insight into our activities and show you ways how you can experience more about the ethnic minorities in Germany and surrounding countries in the EU using market research. – Only then it will be possible to design products, services and contents for these target groups more interesting, to find the right tone and to enter into a productive economic dialogue for both sides.

And now we wish you a pleasant reading and good luck for your activities!

Joachim Schulte and Umut Karakaş
Business executive Data4U