The Institute

The Data 4U – Society for Communications Research

communicationis a market and opinion research institute in Germany, focused exclusively on the market of ethnic minorities.We have specialized in particular in the Turkish-and Russian-born population in Germany and Central Europe. Meanwhile we can look back at around 20 years of experience. The main types of survey of the Institute are computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI) and focus groups.

Our initial surveys in this market segment go back to the year 1991. The focus of the Institute’s studies on the use of ethnic media in Germany (TV + Print Media), the areas of telecommunications and the Internet, the consumption habits of the Turkish private households and, increasingly, the operational behavior of Turkish companies in Germany.

In addition, the Institute offers its services in and for Turkey. – This extended range is aimed primarily at German and international companies planning to expand into Turkey and corresponding to this market know-how, knowledge of the local market and knowledge of Turkish thinking and ways of life depend.

20 years experience in ethnic market research