Data Collection/ ascertainment:

  • Main survey instrument of the Institute are computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI). To this end we have databases with telephone numbers of around 350,000 Turkish-born households and around 25,000 Turkish businesses in Germany and the neighboring Central European States.
  • Also there are telephone studies in other ethnic groups in Germany such as offered by the Russians (ethnic Germans, Russians, Ukrainians, etc.), Ex-Yugoslavia (Serbs, Croats, etc.), Poles, Greeks, Italians, etc.
  • Focus groups, hall tests, product and taste tests offer an intimate impression of the attitudes and value systems of ethnic target groups.
  • In urban areas with a high Turkish or Russian-born populations – such as Berlin, Rhine / Ruhr area, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Hanover / Bielefeld and Hamburg – in addition to telephone surveys where can also be personal face-to-face interviews accomplished.
  • In addition, the Institute offers telephone surveys in the Turkish communities in the major European neighboring countries, such as in Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Great Britain or Denmark, etc.